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Project Overseer

Project Overseer is a long term project to develop a reliable platform for scientific payload and technology demonstrations through the use of high altitude balloon launches. Our mission is to provide a cost efficient and easily accessible resource for UCLA researchers seeking to perform experiments or increase hardware TRLs. This project has a goal of providing students who have limited engineering experience with an opportunity to develop and enhance skills to be used later in projects with increased complexity.

Last Year   |   Proton

Last year with its first mission, Proton, Overseer established its current configuration of subsystems, researched and engineered a working system complete with payload, recovery, and tracking components. The engineering of the payload culminated in a successful critical design review in Winter, which prepared Overseer for its first launch in Spring. Since the first launch, Overseer has returned to the lab in Boelter W6YRA to refine its design in preparation for our Fall launch, in our march toward excellence and perfection in aerospace engineering.


This Year   |   Aperture

This year, Overseer is working toward a successful Winter launch, and hopes to follow it with quarterly collaborative launches, which will incorporate payload components designed by other projects, such as Project Reach.

Our Team

Overseer Project Manager   

Daniel Callos  

2nd Year, Physics B.S.


An interdisciplinary effort involving specialties ranging from radio to mechanical engineering, Overseer is comprised of four subsystems: Tracking, Payload, Recovery, and Systems.

Tracking is responsible for designing and implementing radio technologies to track the balloon during its flight, which is then placed on a payload.

The team:   Sai Sasank Chava (Lead) & Spencer Berger

Payload is responsible for designing this payload that will be carried by the balloon, and ensuring the functionality and compatibility of its components.

The team:   Shubhra Singh (Lead), David White & Nicholas Runke

Recovery uses the tracking data to generate flight projections that are used to recover the payload, and designs the balloon to ensure a safe launch and landing.

The team:   John Theurer (Lead), Taylor Lonner & Calvin Kuo

Systems stipulates requirements for other subsystems to follow, and coordinates the entire effort among subsystems alongside the project manager.

The team:   Dacheng Li (Lead) & Justin Liu