2016 - 2017 Officers

In its inaugural year, Bruin Space started with only its officer core and three projects. Today, there are five interdisciplinary projects and teams and over 60 members. Here is the team that made it all happen.


President, Co-founder

Nick Adair,

B.S. Electrical Engineering, 2017

Nick entered the world of Aerospace Engineering in 2014 when he was recruited as a PCB design engineer for the ELFIN CubeSat. Throughout his time on the project, he became the Lead Electrical Engineer, managed the production of all the custom boards for the satellite, and discovered the importance of undergraduate involvement in serious aerospace projects. As such, in 2016 he co-founded Bruin Space to increase the opportunities for UCLA students to gain experience in space mission design. During his rare moments of free time, Nick wrestles for the UCLA club team, religiously listens to Angles and Airwaves, and binge-watches Hat Films.


Internal Vice President, Co-founder

Lydia Bingley,

B.S. Astrophysics, 2015 | Geophysics and Space Physics PhD student

Lydia’s passion for space began at an early age when she visited the Kennedy Space Center and began dreaming of becoming an astronaut. She has worked on a variety of science and engineering research projects at UCLA, including her most recent adventure with the development of UCLA's first CubeSat, ELFIN. Lydia served as the Mission Operations Lead for ELFIN for 1 year before assuming the position of Project Manager for the satellite, a position she held for 2 years. As a recent awardee of a NASA fellowship, she has since moved on to research the dynamics of space weather to help make space travel safer.


External Vice President

Akshaya Subramanian,

B.S. Electrical Engineering, 2017

Akshaya is in her final year of her undergraduate degree after a long career of involvement in space mission development at UCLA. She found her passion for space in 8th grade after watching Apollo 13 and immediately geared her studies and goals towards making an impact in the aerospace industry. During her Freshman year at UCLA, she joined ELFIN to work on UCLAs first CubeSat and quickly climbed the ranks to become the Power Subsystem Lead. Outside of school, Akshaya has worked at Northrop Grumman as a Systems Intern, speaks four languages fluently, and reads Harry Potter religiously.


Vice President of Finance

Joshua Hartwell,

B.A. Communication Studies, 2017

Joshua came to Bruin Space after getting involved with ELFIN as the Program Scheduler. As a Communications major, he is passionate about persuasion theory and how humans as a species interact. Joshua is fascinated with space research and exploration and excited about helping Bruin Space become a multidisciplinary effort. Upon graduation, he hopes to find a career in marketing and continue pursuing his love for space. When Joshua isn’t working on Bruin Space, he is on the field playing Quidditch or participating in Speech and Debate.


Vice President of Marketing & Design

Owen Weitzel,

B.A. Design Media Arts, 2019

Owen is a second year at UCLA, responsible for making Bruin Space into an artistic masterpiece. Owen has a special talent for finding beauty in the universe we exist in and sharing his sight with those around him. His passion for space stems from an admiration of all things NASA and a fascination with the unknown. Owen hopes to use his talents to inspire others from all disciplines to become interested in the world of space research and engineering. When not in class or working on various creative endeavors, Owen is out running and training for marathons and other endurance endeavours that the rest of the team thinks are a bit crazy.