Our Team

Bruin Space is made up of more than 60 members! Here are the officers that maintain the order.



Andrew Evans,

B.S. Aerospace Engineering, 2020



Internal Vice President

Nadine Tabucol,

B.S. Physics, 2020



External Vice President

Eva Abramson,

B.S. International Development, B.S Geospatial Information Systems And Technology, 2019



Vice President of Finance

Hanphenie Zhou,

B.A. Business Economics, 2018



Vice President of Marketing

Owen Weitzel,

B.A. Design Media Arts, 2019

Owen is a third year at UCLA, responsible for making Bruin Space into an artistic masterpiece. Owen has a special talent for finding beauty in the universe we exist in and sharing his sight with those around him. His passion for space stems from an admiration of all things NASA and a fascination with the unknown. Owen hopes to use his talents to inspire others from all disciplines to become interested in the world of space research and engineering. When not in class or working on various creative endeavors, Owen is out running and training for marathons and other endurance endeavours that the rest of the team thinks are a bit crazy.