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Project Endeavour

Project Endeavour provides members an outlet for scientific and policy ventures. Through report writing, scientific payload design, and dataset analysis, students collaborate to address real-world scientific and political questions. 

Scientific Payloads

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Throughout the year, Endeavour will collaborate with other Bruin Space projects to design and launch several scientific payloads. These payloads allow students to conduct their own independent space science research and develop skills critical to being a scientist. 

Endeavour is currently designing and building a muon detector, designed to fly onboard a high-altitude balloon. 

Space Policy Newsletter

2017 Space Policy Debate with Space Enterprise at Berkeley

In matters of policy, members observe policy changes in international and domestic governments and the economic ventures of both oldspace and newspace companies to determine their effects on the current state of the aerospace industry. Students report their findings through newsletters published every quarter. 

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Intercollegiate Space Policy Debate

After successfully participating in a debate against Berkeley in the previous year, Bruin Space will host another policy debate that will tackle issues from export control to orbital debris.